Ashes of Creation plans for more testers and resuming cosmetic sales

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The latest Ashes of Creation dispatch from creative director Steven Sharif will no doubt put the minds of fans at ease. Sharif states within the letter that back in March, he directed the team to stop selling cosmetic items to fans due to the sudden worsening of the global pandemic situation. But now, everything is fine! Is it fine? Well, sales will resume in July regardless, so look back to selling cosmetic items for the game that’s still deep in testing.

In less mercantile news, the game will also be expanding its base of testers toward the end of July, allowing another tier of backers into the test to see how the game is shaping up. To quote the newsletter:

I am happy to announce that we will be expanding the testing group starting in August to include Leader of Men pack holders as we begin to ramp up the testing of Alpha One. Those of you who are Leader of Men pack holders will receive separate emails near the end of July with download links and instructions.

The team is also looking forward to moving into new offices even with delays caused by the aforementioned global pandemic, with August or September currently targeted for an actual move-in date. Take a peek at everything going on in the full newsletter.


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Ben Stone

The sheer number of unique cosmetics being sold does make me a bit concerned that the base game cosmetic options are going to be pretty limited. I think selling cosmetics is fine, but the volume being promised for an unfinished game is a bit mind boggling.


So they addressed this a few months back.

First, they plan to have an equal about of in game earnable cosmetics. If that remains to be true, we will have to wait and see.

The workload however, comes from them taking one model of a cosmetic; for example the cursed charger mount. Once the mount is finished and modeled, it becomes a base creature in the game, so they can reuse it a number of different times for a number of situations.

I do share your concern though about the full body cosmetics. If they are selling just a “re-skin” or a “re-coloration” on the cash shop and something close but a different color is available in game that would be good for the avaiability, but might make the people who buy their stuff off the cash shop mad.


Well Leader of Men is a bit too pricey to bother with for me but hopefully that means Braver of Worlds folks will start being able to get in to test by the time fall rolls around.


Let’s hope!

Patreon Donor

Box Price + Cash Shop + Mandatory Subscription= No thanks from me. That business model is screaming to be an MMO player’s primary or even sole game, and no game can pump out that kind of content anymore. I’m also willing to bet that some box price or f2p games are able to have the kind of content push that Ashes will have or even exceed it.

It’s too bad really because the game looks great. The greedy business model overshadows any of that for me though. Game makers don’t tend to be more consumer friendly as time goes on. They tend to get more greedy and see where they can draw the new line in their favor usually.


So, there is no Box Price. Not sure where you got that?

The cash shop is cosmetics only, but its there becasue they are going without a box price.


When he took our money yrs ago he specifically stated that there would be NO Cash Shop.
So your “cosmetic only” argument doesn’t fly. Those cosmetics should be available in game with NO cash shop.


This is also incorrect.

The cosmetic cash shop has alwasy been a part of the business model. In fact, it was the sixth question from the FAQ on the Kickstarter located on the kickstarter page.

Will there be a microtransaction shop?
Yes, we plan to include a shop for microtransactions. But, the shop will only include cosmetic items. Nothing in our shop will ever be pay to win as we believe this practice greatly hurts the MMORPG genre.

Last updated: Mon, May 1 2017 5:07 PM CDT

Ironically the Cash Shop is the second question.

Does Ashes of Creation have an upfront box cost?
There is no upfront box cost associated with Ashes of Creation! This is not a buy to play game!

Last updated: Mon, May 1 2017 5:07 PM CDT

So, you’ve been wrong on both accounts. Not sure, what game you are thinking of, but its certainly not Ashes of Creation

Bree Royce
Bree Royce

He has to be thinking of Camelot Unchained, but even CU hasn’t ruled out selling cosmetics, just ruled in a sub and ruled out lockboxes. Ashes has had a cash shop since 2017.


Sharif states within the letter that back in March, he directed the team to stop selling cosmetic items to fans due to the sudden worsening of the global pandemic situation. But now, everything is fine! Is it fine?

I mean, they aren’t saying that everything is fine. Many people in many places (like our state and some others) did return to work or found new work and are earning money so it makes it rational to resume updates and sales for people who are starting to earn money again.

Anyway, I really like their letter updates. Has videos of actual gameplay and developers showing and explaining it as well as some cute art like luminous starcrawler pet render. And especially this part:

I am constantly reading our Discord, forums, Reddit and the content created by the community in an effort to keep a pulse on both player feedback and sentiment.

THAT is the kind of developer I am most likely to trust (even though I haven’t preordered anything yet).