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Ashes of Creation plans for more testers and resuming cosmetic sales

The latest Ashes of Creation dispatch from creative director Steven Sharif will no doubt put the minds of fans at ease. Sharif states...
Sir Not Appearing In This Novel

The Daily Grind: Which of your MMO characters has kept the same look for the longest time?

One of my Death Knights in World of Warcraft has had the same outfit for years. It basically hasn't budged since Cataclysm, and...

The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite MMO cosmetic pet?

Yeah, this is the very definition of a fluffy post! I'm just a big proponent of cosmetic pets in MMOs, partially because it adds...
I'm purely decorative!

The Daily Grind: What’s your ideal event reward for seasonal content?

I don't like seasonal events that award pets. I understand why that's a reward, of course; lots of people like having pets, some games...

Flameseeker Chronicles: Chairs and other oddities in Guild Wars 2’s cash shop

I love MMO cosmetics, and Guild Wars 2 has a great selection, from armor skins and outfits to gliders to minipets to mount...
Hooray, hunting things!

Monster Hunter World prepares to celebrate the winter holidays with the Winter Star Fest

There's no place like hunts for the holidays. That one is free; Monster Hunter World players can use that for promotions if they...
How are you not playing this on PC in the first place?

The Daily Grind: How much time do you spend on aesthetics in MMOs?

You don't want to know how much time I've spent carefully decorating my characters' living spaces in Final Fantasy XIV. Or maybe you...
I suppose this is a problem I'm happy to complain about.

The Daily Grind: Which MMO has the best in-game cosmetic options?

With the changes made in Legion, World of Warcraft wound up with a pretty great system for cosmetic outfits. Unfortunately, it also...
Barnum figured people would lose interest long before the point of two million, but hey.

Star Citizen promises shirts for its two million backer milestone

Back in 2015, Star Citizen passed a million registered users. At this point, the game has passed two million. Three years later, it's...
Big help.

The Daily Grind: What cosmetic rewards in online games don’t feel like rewards?

One of the most common rewards from loot crates in Overwatch were sprays. (It might have changed, but I doubt it.) You point...
Ride something.

The Daily Grind: How do you choose your character’s mounts in an MMO?

Sometimes, the choice of mount in an MMO is limited by functionality. If I want to cart someone around in Final Fantasy XIV,...
It's not Red Bull, no.

Revelation Online shows off the many paths to wings

You don't want to walk in Revelation Online; you want to fly away. (Just like a dragonfly.) Fortunately, the game gives you...

Heroes of the Storm shows off Lucio and new mounts/skins

At the rate Heroes of the Storm is currently going, we'll soon wind up with every Overwatch cast member in the game....
I feel prettier.

The Daily Grind: What cosmetic options for your characters does your favorite MMORPG lack?

You know what games need? Piercings. More piercings in general. Why can I not have any piercings beyond my ears in Final Fantasy...
This is the way we won't.

The Daily Grind: What cosmetic changes would you like for your MMO character abilities?

We live in an era when most designers have noticed that we like to control what our characters look like as well as how...
THe first rule of fight club is that you shouldn't be in a club to fight people, that's mean.

Star Wars: The Old Republic outlines Season 7 PvP rewards

The seventh season of PvP in Star Wars: The Old Republic is coming to a close soon, and the galaxy will never be...
Always with Draenei.

The Daily Grind: Do account-wide rewards in MMOs make you more likely to do specific content?

I always had a hard time motivating myself to go through legacy raid content in World of Warcraft for appearances. It's not a...

Chaos Theory: The 80s invade The Secret World

One of the best things about The Secret World is how it is set in the modern day. But that doesn't mean the...
Fight me, coward.

Champions Online overhauls its costume creator significantly

Half of the fun to be had in Champions Online is just about putting together a character costume. Unfortunately, that's gotten more and...
But with more swimsuited deities.

Skyforge kicks off a swimsuit design competition for players

The Dipping Double. The Under-track. The Gasper. The Happy Fling in Late Winter. The Federal Sauce. These names and more can be used to...