Monster Hunter World prepares to celebrate the winter holidays with the Winter Star Fest

Hooray, hunting things!

There’s no place like hunts for the holidays. That one is free; Monster Hunter World players can use that for promotions if they so desire. It’s also appropriate, given that the game’s Winter Star Fest is also bringing players to the Celestial Pursuit where almost all previous events are still available. It’s like a winter holiday miracle, it is! If there’s some other event you almost cleared but didn’t quite finish, now you can wrap it up!

Of course, the focus is obviously on the Winter Star Fest itself, which charges you with acquiring Winter Star Tickets to craft new armor for yourself, your palico, your handler, and your poogie. Yes, everyone gets a costume. So get in there through December 17th and enjoy the true meaning of the season, which is hunting vicious beasts and then using the spoils to make yourself adorable costumes. There can be multiple meanings.

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