Fallout 76 collectors edition buyers will get the canvas bags they were promised after all


Last week, Fallout 76 fans lit the world on fire over the revelation that the “West tek canvas carrying bag” promised to $200 collector edition customers was in fact swapped out for a cheap-looking nylon bag that doesn’t match the description or the image whatsoever.

That was bad enough, but Bethsoft tried to put out the fire with a couple of gallons of gasoline: first with messages from support citing “unavailability of materials” and telling players Bethsoft wasn’t “planning on doing anything about it,” and second with a make-good compensation plan of 500 cash shop currency, worth about $5. And that was far from the only disaster Fallout 76 weathered last week.

But it does seem as if Bethsoft has finally gotten back on track and is planning to replace all of the crappy bags with the product actually shown on the CE preorders. Just note that you’ll have to put in the request yourself.

“We are finalizing manufacturing plans for replacement canvas bags for the Fallout 76: Power Armor Edition,” the studio’s support account tweeted tonight. “If you purchased the CE, please visit https://beth.games/2QDropM and submit a ticket by Jan. 31, 2019. We’ll arrange to send you a replacement as soon as the bags are ready.”

Source: Twitter. Thanks, Darthbawl and Pepperzine!
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