SWTOR: Subber companion freebie, Jedi Under Siege lore, and Life Day on the way

With Jedi Under Siege launching December 11th, BioWare is ramping up its hype machine for Star Wars: The Old Republic. To wit:

  • There’s a new story up on the official site, penned in-universe by Lana Beniko and covering the backstory leading up to the update. Of course, the state of the galaxy is a bit different depending on whether you’ve sided with the Republic or the Sith.
  • BioWare is talking up its new subber reward, Twi’lek pirate companion Paxton Rall. You’ve gotta be subbed on December 14th/15th, and then Rall will show up expecting room and board on December 20th. “You can also encounter Paxton and learn more about him on the planet of Odessen after completing Chapter IX of the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion,” Bioware says. “If you’d like to begin traveling with him immediately, you can use the token attached to your in-game mail to unlock Paxton as a Companion at any time.”
  • Finally, the holiday season is loaded with events: The Gree event ends tomorrow, but both Life Day and Bounty Contract week kick off with the expansion launch, followed by multiple other events into January. Life Day y’all!

Source: Lore, freebie, events via Dulfy
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