Legends of Aria pushes off Steam early access launch into 2019

oh the pain, the pain

So for Legends of Aria this afternoon, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that general early access is still happening: It’s still going to go live for preorder players at midnight tonight. It’s also that the game population has “exploded” and the studio is pleased with how will the servers have scaled to accommodate the influx of players.

But the bad news is that Citadel Studios has decided to delay the Steam early access launch specifically, meaning that leg of it will not be happening tomorrow as planned. “We’ve been dealing with a substantial but manageable problem with our data synchronization,” the team says. “The worse news is that this problem up until now was greatly exacerbated by server shutdowns and has greatly hindered our ability to patch the live server. Furthermore, as this is a synchronization issue, problems which can arise from such de-syncs can be random and wide reaching.”

Consequently, Aria will be held back from the Steam launch while the company beefs up its customer service and dev team to meet the anticipated playerbase growth and properly tests the de-syncing fixes. And sleeps.

“Our team is already hard at work destroying this synchronization problem and returning the live servers’ stability. We expect to have the data synchronization issue patched out in the next week or two along with a host of fixes for other peripheral issues and gameplay patches. As our servers grow; so do our operations. To ensure that we’re ready to accommodate this growing population, additional servers must be prepared along with what it takes to manage nearly half a dozen worlds (possibly more!). Our customer service team is seeing light at the end of the ticket tunnel and we will be implementing new Customer Service tools this week in addition to introducing some new in-game GM’s to increase player support.”

Expect a new date “shortly after the holidays.”

Source: Official site. Cheers, Squid!

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3 years ago

The game is very early and pushing Steam release seem like a good idea; and it should probably have been pushed further.

The good deal is that the game sort of works and the amount of bugs are low for a game at this state.
There are a lot of unfinished features, and details that could be improved, and we need a ton of QoL; but all of this is to be expected for a game this early.
Everything is very basic, and apart from timezinks the “progression” is too simple; to be expected at an early stage and also in a game where you loose your stuff easily of course you need a relatively simple way of replacing, but still.
The most serious problem at the moment in my opinion is a seriously lack of content in form of land and dungeons at medium/high level of skill(points). Basically, if you want to get anything (adventure) done, do it on non peak hours or play on a non regional server, because it is one big ks contest otherwise.. 50 people in a 5 man dungeon.

Anyways, they seem efficient at fixing things and in just this last week many small things have improved. Just know that if you buy this game, notice the EARLY ACCESS sign, it really is early.
I think I will not last till the Steam release with the content and state the game is in, then I will take a break and check back at a later stage. But I am having fun and the grind is real (which is a positive thing for me).

Roger Melly
3 years ago

Does it have a friends list yet or a cartography skill ?

The biggest issues I found with it were the lack of any kind of social panel or the ability to add a friend or a mini map/cartography skill .

This made it impossible to group up with friends and made it extremely difficult to meet up with friends in the game to quest together .

Hope they have sorted both these issues out . It didn’t look a bad game it just lacked a couple of essential features that made me rule it out until they were implemented .

Loyal Patron
John Buczek
3 years ago
Reply to  Roger Melly

I haven’t messed with the Friends list yet so I can’t speak to that. But as far as Mapping goes, there is a very functional Mini-map in the game. And when you select your starting village it unlocks details on the main map for that area. When you travel to other zones you can (I believe) get map drops from mobs, or just buy a zone map in town from a vendor if you’d rather.

3 years ago

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing one of the developers on this project for many years and after playing MMO’s for over 20 years his head and heart is all in for making a great game.

If you want an old school MMO community where your actions to other players matter this is the game for you. It’s not a AAA game with a huge budget, but they LISTEN to their community and make it and fun and enjoyable experience for anyone willing to put the time and effort into the game and community. It may feel a bit retro, but the experience is worth it.

3 years ago

Oh my gosh guys, despite so many people hassling me to play this game and despite all of my resistance, last night I finally gave in and have been farming gold all day long to plonk down a plot haha! I JUST got the 1 gold 40 silver and was about to go search for a spot when I saw this news on Twitter. Haha, oh dear. Well, good news because I don’t have to be in a huge panic I guess!

Here’s my stream desperately trying to get some gold together today :).

3 years ago
Reply to  KatsPurr

i think this is one of those games that is just not watchable when another person plays it. kinda like everquest. fun to play, boring as hell to watch.

Ashley Bau
3 years ago

I see a lot of comments calling this a good move, and I can see the case for this (as well as agree to an extent) but there is more to consider I think.

The game has already gone live, and now the game will be live for months before people can access it. In the style of game that this is on the official servers, will that not be a problem?

I personally don’t have any interest in the official servers of the game but am somewhat familiar with UO and similarly styled games. Unless they plan to launch new servers when steam goes live, I imagine much of the good land plots will have been taken by players already having been playing for a month or more. Additionally, with the pk nature of the game there will likely be a hoard of maxed out pkers ready to step all over the new players.

Not the largest possible issues but I’ve seen players lose it over less.

3 years ago
Reply to  Ashley Bau

ashley, anyone can already access it. you just can’t access it through steam.

most interested parties are already aware that you can get the game on their site for the same price that it’s going to launch on steam with. the only difference is the less aware who would be made so through steam (and the reviews that come with them) will not see the game for a little while yet.

all in all a good thing.

Ashley Bau
3 years ago
Reply to 

I am aware of this but i’m certain there is a large portion of the playerbase that will not start until it is on steam. I am one of them, not because I won’t buy games that aren’t on steam but because steam makes it simple and easy (also in no hurry due to plans on community servers not being ready yet).

Have you seen how people react on steam? I’ve seen people refuse to buy games or dislike them in reviews because of a steam trophy, lack of steam trophies, lack of steam cards, dislike the steam cards, game not being priced in the sub $10 range, and a ton of other nit-picky stuff.

Again, I don’t have much of a horse in this race… just pointing out a potential problem that should be considered.

Kickstarter Donor
3 years ago
Reply to  Ashley Bau

Everyone who buys it direct will get a Steam key once the game launches there.

Kickstarter Donor
3 years ago

Better delayed and launched smoothly than launched as a disaster. Good luck, dudes.

3 years ago

Good decision. It’s already a niche game that wouldn’t get good reviews on that alone. Definitely wasn’t ready to go live on steam tomorrow.

3 years ago

very smart move.

3 years ago

Smart move. They should get things as stable/bug free as they can before they throw it to the wolves on Steam.