Q2 2019 financials: Nexon revenues dip as Netease sees international growth


Nexon’s business has been under close scrutiny this year as its owners attempted a sale and then reorganized¬†instead, prompting layoffs earlier this week and the acquisition of a former EA boss’ new pet studio. But all the odd maneuvers don’t seem to be the flailings of a doomed enterprise, as the company’s Q2 2019 financials indicate. While it saw a hefty revenue burst over the quarter, net incomes were on the wane by quite a bit year-over-year, with successs from Dungeon & Fighter, FIFA Online 4, MapleStory M, and Overhit.

Also worth noting is that Nexon specifically mentions the economy as being a factor in its hazy outlook. “However, the future outlook remains unclear primarily due to uncertainties in the overseas economy, including the U.S.-China trade friction and concerns over the future of the Chinese economy.” Never say politics and gaming aren’t linked.

NetEase, on the other hand, is having just an absolutely peachy year. Net revenues and profits were up last quarter – 15.3% and 13.6% respectively year over year, thanks to its international roster, including Knives Out and Fantasy Westward Journey Online. Given the company’s involvement with Blizzard and CCP Games, don’t expect them to stop making headlines anytime soon.

Source: Nexon via GIbiz, Netease via GIbiz
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