Sure, all right.

Wayfinder sales are temporarily halted as Airship Syndicate assumes publishing from Digital Extremes

No, you aren't reading that headline incorrectly: Even though it was announced months ago that Wayfinder was being dropped by Digital Extremes, the studio...
Remember when this was anticipated?

The Daily Grind: Have publisher changes ever had good results for an MMO?

I may be the only person who cares - and I don't really care that much - but I don't have high hopes for...
Bridge to nowhere.

The Daily Grind: What kills your interest in a pre-release MMO?

We see it a lot in our comment section: A game is either in very early testing or not even yet available for consistent...

MU Legend’s operation trades hands from Webzen to Valofe Global

You'd be forgiven for thinking that Valofe is the leftovers shelf of the MMO fridge: The publisher was first handed the keys to Riders...

Riders of Icarus’ new publisher vows to ‘keep it more active’ post-Nexon

Back in 2016, one of the fresh new games that rolled off the Nexon assembly line was Riders of Icarus. Our impressions of it...
No, really, Tears for Fears.

Netmarble takes on global publishing duties for Mad World

At long last, Netmarble can proudly stand as the worldwide premiere publisher of MMOs sharing the title with a Tears for Fears song, as...
It's fine, everything is fine, this is fine.

The Daily Grind: What gives you cause to forgive MMO studios or publishers?

There are a lot of reasons people have to dislike NCsoft as a publisher. But oddly enough, if you're a fan of WildStar who has sworn...
But on a phone. A phone.

Kakao is set to publish mobile spin-off TERA Frontier

We're just speculating, but it's possible you guys all have phones. So perhaps you'd like a version of TERA to bring along on your phone?...

Leaderboard: Does an MMORPG’s publisher factor into whether you’ll play it?

I was genuinely surprised to see so many people flip out over August's reveal that Ashes of Creation will be using as its...

Chronicles of Elyria hunts for a publisher, enables store gifting, and battles ‘harbingers’

A year ago, Chronicles of Elyria had crossed $2 million in fundraising. Today, that amount sits at over $3.4 million. Still, some players worry...
You can have this.

Perfect World Entertainment gives Blacklight: Retribution back to its developer

Usually, when we talk about a company giving up a game that it is publishing, it includes phrases like "shutdown." But that's not what's...

Uncharted Waters Online picks up a new publisher, plans October relaunch

Lash the sails, there be rough sailing ahead for Uncharted Waters Online! But beyond that? It could be a voyage of unimaginable bounty for...

Bless Online’s Rebuild Project homes in on character growth

Following the cancellation of the western version of Bless Online, Neowiz surprised everyone by announcing that it would be publishing the game here in the...

Bless Online is being heavily overhauled by Neowiz before coming west

Back in June, Neowiz and Aeria Games/Gamigo confirmed that they'd mutually ended their partnership to make Aeria the western Bless Online publisher. While initially the studios stated the MMO...

Bless Online isn’t canceled in the west after all; Neowiz will self-publish

Last week, both Neowiz and Aeria Games confirmed that Aeria is no longer serving as the western Bless Online publisher -- worse, Bless appeared to be entirely...

Bless Online’s western version has been canceled over ‘quality standards’

The Neowiz statement that Aeria Games is no longer serving as the western Bless Online has now been backed up by Gamigo, Aeria's parent company, though contrary to...

Neowiz confirms axing Bless Online western publisher Aeria Games

Rumors that suggested Aeria Games has been dismissed as the western Bless Online publisher appear to have been confirmed today. Korean gaming site Inven is reporting...

Rumor: Aeria Games no longer publishing Bless Online for western audiences

Rumors are flying this morning that Aeria Games has been dismissed as the western Bless Online publisher. reports that it received "fairly substantial...

Warface is bringing on a new publisher in February

Starting in February, online shooter Warface will have a new company at its back. Crytek announced yesterday that will take over publishing duties...