Kakao is set to publish mobile spin-off TERA Frontier

But on a phone. A phone.

We’re just speculating, but it’s possible you guys all have phones. So perhaps you’d like a version of TERA to bring along on your phone? That’s what TERA Frontier is all about, and it has taken a step closer to release with the announcement that it now has a publisher in Kakao! The publisher has secured global rights, including putting the game out in South Korea as well as the rest of the world.

If you’d forgotten about TERA Frontier, it’s based on the Unreal 4 engine and is promising group PvE, PvP, and the same scale of the world to explore in its mobile incarnation. The title is under development by Red Sahara Studios, a division of Bluehole. The title is also currently targeting a launch window in 2019, although it remains to be seen if it will be a unified world launch or will be staggered internationally.

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Bruno Brito



Is this Tera M? Wasn’t that supposed to be published globally by Netmarble this year? If this ain’t Tera M, whatever the hell happened to that?

Also, I really hope they develop this game better than Tera M was. From what I played of the Korean version, it wasn’t very pretty nor fun and the customization was terribly limited.


User Weilan is set to never play this mobile garbage or any other for that matter.


When BHS gave publishing rights for Devilian to Trion it was weird, when they gave rights for A:IR to Kakao it was concerning, and this mobile game might be the final nail in the coffin for poor En Masse Entertainment. And let’s not forget they created another company to publish PUBG. EME was created as a subsidiary of BHS years ago to publish their games in NA and haven’t gotten anything except for TERA, their first one. I wonder how long EME is going to be around at this rate.


The following is what I learned from someone I know who knows a bunch of stuff regarding Bluehole.

While it is true that BHS originally established Bluehole Interactive (acquiring a small Seattle based publisher) in order to publish their titles in the west, they also allowed this company to operate independently as per their Bluehole Alliance. That is why the company ended up renaming itself to En Masse Entertainment since even though they are a Bluehole subsidiary, they had the free reigns to sign any publishing deal with other developers. And BHS also had the same reign to sign deals with other publishers. So EME has known from the start about how the Bluehole Alliance operates.

I also just learned from the person who follows this stuff is that BHS created something called the Krafton Game Union which is likely going to replace the Bluehole Alliance and that BHS has plans to change their name to better fit their longer term objectives. The biggest difference with this new union is more plans to have these subsidiaries working together when needed (but still operating independently). So this new arrangement is actually good news for EME because with the Bluehole Alliance setup, it was sort of like prosper or perish. The conundrum for EME is the lack of PC based games coming out from any of these Bluehole subsidiaries since there is only Tera and PUBG.

As for Trion ending up publishing Devilian, it was sort of weird timing. BHS had not yet officially completed the acquisition of Ginno Games (when they were finally renamed Bluehole Ginno). Trion and Ginno Games reps happened to have an accidental meeting in early 2015 when the latter was still looking for publishing deals. That is when Trion talked up being the perfect partner for Ginno Games’ ambition of taking Devilian global.

Even though the acquisition had not been completed, BHS pumped money into the game where a lot things were redone; graphics (Tera assets used), character model overhauled including a new cannon shooter class based off of Elin race from Tera for Korea launch, combat and progression overhaul. So it was up to Ginno Games at that point to expand the content and business since that is how BHS allowed their subsidiaries to operate.

There is a Venturebeat article where Hartsman was talking Trion’s stuff up in hopes of attracting more Korean MMO devs to publish with them (this was when they were on that third party publishing bandwagon starting with Archeage).

So that is how Trion and Ginno Games partnered up. The Bluehole acquisition was finalized after this. Sort of unfortunate for the latter when it came to Devilian because they were overpromised and underdelivered by Trion. Trion failed to do any meaningful marketing for it and then reduced the staff down to one person just 6 months after launch. They let go the associate producer who was responsible for getting Ginno Games devs to make big changes to the game (they had to fork the game for Trion because it ended up being so different from the Asian versions).

The game had a bunch of issues but that associate producer was on the right track with talking to players and working with the devs to come up with solutions. There was planned content that ended up never being realized once Trion canned most of the Devilian team and reassigned the only other producer to work on what became Atlas Reactor. Trion heads didn’t care about the stuff they preached and only cared about reducing expenses to maximize the cash grab as much as possible.

The irony of the Trion and Bluehole Ginno deal is it forced the latter to look for something beyond Devilian and that is when they talked to Brendan Greene; what ended up becoming an unexpected hit for them with PUBG where anyone who was working at Bluehole Ginno on the game, made a killing in bonuses and perks.

If the two companies had not had this earlier encounter, EME might have been the logical publishing choice and the game may have had a possibly different outcome (and possibly PUBG may have never also come into existence where BHS would still be an unknown small player today).

Colin Goodwin

Get those wallets ready folks. The kings of nickel and diming players for nearly every aspect of their games is about to hit the Wild West of exessive and intrusive cash shop practices, the mobile market.

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Jack Pipsam

If it’s anything like the main game then they’ll bank on selling various costumes.