Perfect World Entertainment gives Blacklight: Retribution back to its developer

You can have this.

Usually, when we talk about a company giving up a game that it is publishing, it includes phrases like “shutdown.” But that’s not what’s happening with Blacklight: Retribution. Perfect World Entertainment has been publishing the game for several years, and now it is quite amicably releasing the rights back to developer Hardsuit Labs to allow that team to serve as publisher and developer both.

PWE is working with Hardsuit Labs to transfer relevant account details so that players won’t have to start over from scratch. Hardsuit Labs is planning on bringing the game to Steam, as well, with more information due out in the following days. Keep your eyes on the site and watch for more migration information; we’ll just be happy that this change of publisher is happening without any blood or shutdowns along the way.

Source: Perfect World Entertainment press release
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