The Epic Games Store is apparently still not profitable for Epic Games

why does this continue

It’s now been five years since Epic Games launched the Epic Games store with an eye toward dethroning Steam, as epitomized by the fact that it’s been branded by doing the opposite of whatever Steam does. Steam doesn’t have Fortnite; the Epic Games Store does. (All right, that one’s sort of obvious.) Steam doesn’t allow crypto games; Epic says to come on over. Steam has kind of awful revenue sharing; Epic gives developers a lot of the revenue if they agree to sole publishing rights. Steam makes Valve tons of money; the Epic Games Store still is losing money.

Yes, the game store’s boss Steve Allison has said that the venture is still not profitable five years on during testimony in the antitrust suit against Google, but the company still sees a future wherein the Epic Games Store has taken the lead in the PC gaming market. We aren’t sure if this will coincide with the coyote finally catching the roadrunner or not, but it appears Epic is committed to taking down that white whale and it’s totally going to do it one of these days. Remember, any time you feel like you make bad decisions, at least you haven’t been losing money for five years trying to beat Steam and then choose to lay off workers, jettison subsidiaries, and hike Fortnite prices to stay afloat.

Source: The Verge via VG24/7
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