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Fortnite’s $245M FTC settlement over COPPA violations means you might be entitled to a refund

All right, people, hold your horses. The FTC is indeed giving out money from its settlement with Fortnite developer Epic Games, but it's specifically...
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Chronicles of Elyria studio tosses ‘quick release’ strategy after inking a licensing deal

Some train wrecks never know when to stop smoldering. You'll recall that at the top of 2023, Soulbound Studio's Jeromy Walsh vowed that the...

Rumor: RuneScape studio Jagex might be up for sale again, the fourth time in less than a decade

The uproar over RuneScape's new monetization mess has a new angle today as apparently the future of UK-based Jagex is up in the air. According...
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Roblox faces class action lawsuit that accuses the game of turning a blind eye to third-party gambling rings

Roblox is once more back in the headlines for all of the wrong reasons, as the company that runs the player-generated games platform is...
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The MOP Up: EVE Online’s Fanfest has officially sold out

Well, that's it: EVE Online's Fanfest is officially sold out this year, so if you were hoping to snag a ticket at this late...

Dark and Darker launches into paid early access in spite of ongoing legal battle with Nexon

It has been quite a while since we heard from the PvPvE dungeon crawler Dark and Darker, but readers might remember that all through...

Destiny 2 deep-dives Season 22 as Bungie pursues cheat seller ring in court

With the current Season of the Deep now having roughly three weeks left to it, Destiny 2 is looking to the season ahead to...

Chronicles of Elyria claims its Soulborn Engine ‘is a functional MMO engine once again’

It's time for yet another monthly progress report out of Chronicles of Elyria's Jeromy Walsh, who has offered more granular updates to the originally...

Indie developer takes Activision-Blizzard ‘Warzone’ trademark dispute up the chain to Microsoft

A David-vs-Goliath struggle over a game name trademark jumped on board this month's biggest legal rollercoaster. As we reported a few years ago, the...

Consumers hoping to block Microsoft’s buyout of Activision-Blizzard lose in court yet again

The insanity and activity surrounding Microsoft's imminent acquisition of Activision Blizzard has only ramped up as the deal prepares to be finalized. This month...

Activision-Blizzard Q2 2023: Diablo IV doubled Blizzard’s revenues as MAUs continue decline

Activision-Blizzard has once again released its Q2 financials early as of this morning, but given the fact that this week was meant to be...

Rumor: Microsoft and Activision-Blizzard are negotiating an extension on their merger deal

So it's July 18th, and you know what that means: It's national caviar day! And also national sour candy day! (Don't use these things...
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FTC loses its attempt at a pause of Microsoft ABK merger, Sony signs the 10-year Call of Duty agreement

The US Federal Trade Commission was handed another loss in court this past weekend. Readers will remember that the government body was trying to...
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Yes, the FTC is appealing the decision not to block Microsoft’s Activision-Blizzard merger

It's no surprise at all, but yes, the Federal Trade Commission has indeed filed an appeal of Tuesday's US District Court of Northern California...

Bungie prevails in court over racist creep who harassed and doxxed Destiny 2 staff

If you wanted another reason to appreciate Bungie - and another reminder that some online gamers are hella awful - a judge in Washington...

Former Elder Scrolls Online dev takes ZeniMax to court over allegations of transphobia and forced resignation

A series of alarming allegations and legal action have sprung forth from a former developer of The Elder Scrolls Online. Leona Faren, a trans...

Pokemon Go studio Niantic stands accused of sexual discrimination and retaliation in new lawsuit

Pokemon Go's Niantic has fast become one of the more problematic companies we cover, and now the studio's outlook just got even shadier as...

Judge denies FTC’s injunction request, clearing the way for Microsoft’s Activision-Blizzard merger

We now return you to the endless saga of Microsoft trying to slurp up Activision-Blizzard to rescue it from ignominy as regulatory factions around...

Rainbow Six player responsible for a swatting of Ubisoft sentenced to three years of community service

Back in 2020, the developers of Ubisoft Montreal were faced with a frightening and harrowing experience when the office building they work at was...

MMO Business Roundup: Unity clings to AI, Apple appeals again, Embracer restructures

Business doesn't take a break, and so neither must we. Except for holiday breaks. But then those also can get busy because studios sometimes...