Extraction RPG Dark and Darker drops its aspiration of multiclassing – for now


When a game becomes more well-known for its drama than its content, that’s usually a big ol’ red flag warning all but the most foolhardy away. Extraction RPG Dark and Darker is a prime example of this, getting kicked off Steam a year ago for allegations of stealing code, after which Nexon brought an actual lawsuit against the title. But there’s a mobile version in the works, so all is well in the world?

Probably not. As Connor over at MMO Fallout first reported, Ironmace Games is killing the game’s multiclass system a month-and-a-half after introducing it in the most half-hearted fashion possible.

“In accordance with our previous announcement, we have now removed the multiclass system,” the developers announced. “Although the experiment was crazy and chaotic, we learned a lot from the test, especially under the hood. ”

But hey, the team has “very high hopes for the future” and will be sharing info about the next season very soon.

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