Valve faces an $838M UK lawsuit that accuses Steam of overcharging consumers and monopolizing prices


That’s right, it looks like another legal firm is hoping to take a big meaty swing at Valve’s enormous and probably jowly face: The UK firm Milberg London has hit Valve with an $838M lawsuit that accuses the company’s Steam platform of overcharging British customers and controlling the prices of PC games in the country.

The opt-out collective action claim – aka the UK’s version of a class action lawsuit – argues that Steam requires publishers to agree to “price parity obligations” that make it so PC games can’t be sold for a lower price than what Steam offers on a different sales platform. This in turn saw over 14 million customers in the country get overcharged, the suit reasons.

“Companies who hold a dominant position in a market are not allowed to charge excessive or anti-competitive prices. They also cannot impose other unfair trading conditions that prevent or hinder others from competing with them,” the filing argues.

The legal filing was brought forth to the Competition Appeal Tribunal in London for certification. UK residents who wish to opt out of the suit – should it go through the country’s legal process – will have to visit the filing’s official site to do so.

source: Kotaku
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