UK employment tribunal says Star Citizen studio discriminated against autistic employee

While we recognize that this monetary ruling is barely a bug bite to the wrist of Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games, we'll take...

Pokemon Company’s threat of potential legal action against Palworld appears to have fizzled out

During the height of Palworld's popularity, gamers threw a lot of accusations in the direction of developer Pocket Pair, claiming plagiarism of Pokemon's designs...
Paws for impact.

Sigh, yes, a man tried to bludgeon another man with a hammer IRL over ArcheAge

File this one under "why we can't have nice things:" Yahoo reported last night that a feud in ArcheAge went way too far, as...

Valve faces an $838M UK lawsuit that accuses Steam of overcharging consumers and monopolizing prices

That's right, it looks like another legal firm is hoping to take a big meaty swing at Valve's enormous and probably jowly face: The...

It’s 2024 and the ESA is still fighting game preservation, forecasting a depraved ‘online arcade’

If you're a longtime MOP reader, you might remember that back in the late teens, we followed the Electronic Frontier Foundation's efforts to petition...

Roblox walks back statements that children earning money is a ‘gift’ and not exploitation of labor

Roblox's PR department has found itself in the unenviable position of providing cover for some dumb nonsense an executive said at GDC this year....

Genshin Impact takes cheat makers to court for copyright infringement

You have to be a special sort of sad to want to cheat in a game like Genshin Impact, let alone one who would...
It's all the money we don't have!

Microsoft insists Activision-Blizzard was planning on mass layoffs before the merger

As we've been covering, earlier this week the FTC filed a complaint to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, alleging that Microsoft misrepresented itself...
Hmm. Appears I'm still alive.

Korean Court rules man isn’t a conscientious objector because he likes PUBG

We admit that the headline for this story is pretty wild, so allow us a few moments to lay some contextual groundwork: South Korea...

Nexon’s preliminary injunction against Dark and Darker was dismissed, but the lawsuit presses on

One of last year's more distinct stories was related to the medieval fantasy PvPvE extraction RPG Dark and Darker and megacorp Nexon: Readers may...
I mean, kind of by default, but...

Fortnite is coming back to iPhone in EU because Europe said so

It's been a few years -- since 2020, in fact -- since the snit fit between Apple and Epic began, provoking the former to...
I live through killing!

Palworld tops 2M concurrency on Steam as the Pokémon company ‘intends to investigate’

When we started 2024, I don't think any of us had "bizarre Pokémon shooter was going to blow up huge in January," but, well,...

Epic and Apple appeals are rejected by the Supreme Court, making the original 2021 ruling final

The past few years' worth of gaming news have been something of a whirlwind to say the least, so let us take a moment...

Star Citizen’s CIG was hit with a measly $190 fine for… not filing its 2022 financial report on time

"If the penalty for a crime is a fine, then that law only exists for the lower class," so sayeth the meme, and that...

Study finds social media game ads don’t properly disclose the existence of lockboxes and in-game purchases

A recent study conducted by legal expert and lockbox researcher Leon Y. Xiao has been completed and it finds that lockbox disclosures in social...

Former Activision-Blizzard exec files lawsuit that alleges the studio fired him for being old and white

Discrimination can certainly take a wide assortment of forms, but the culture that has been fostered within Activision-Blizzard has mostly been one that threatens...
Boo, says I.

Police use a World of Warcraft account to track down and arrest a man allegedly hiding a minor

We have our first Florida Man story of 2024 on our corner of the internet, primarily because tracking down and finding him involved using...

Korea’s FTC fines Nexon $8.9M over MapleStory’s deceptive gear upgrade probabilities

Care for a little smile to start off this first week of 2024? Then feast your eyes on a hefty $8.9M (₩11.6M) fine levied...

British police open investigation into an in-game sexual assault in a virtual reality metaverse

Virtual reality games are intensely immersive, putting their players into their worlds and surrounding them in the experience rather convincingly. Unfortunately, that immersion has...
This is someone else's problem.

MMO Business Roundup: Lockboxes, Twitch Korea, and the FTC’s latest MS/ABK merger appeal

Welcome back to another roundup of MMO and MMO-adjacent industry news. The FTC vs. Microsoft and ABK - Surely you didn't think that "signing the...