RuneScape improves visuals, tweaks Dungeoneering, and readies another double XP event

Sure. Fine.

RuneScape is hoping to look prettier – or at least less dated – thanks to the game’s newst splash of visual paint this week, which focuses on the island of Etrana and certain material textures, with improved geometry for the former and better coloration and shading for the latter. More visual updates are also promised through November and December.

The game’s latest patch otherwise introduces a wide variety of Game Jam-crafted updates to the Dungeoneering skill: The dungeon map on mobile has been moved to sit beside the minimap, base accuracy has been brought in line with other areas of the game, the Port Enter achievement requirement has been adjusted, and several specific monster tweaks have been made, among several other skill-specific changes.

Finally of note is the next Double XP Live event, which begins on Friday, November 10th, and ends on Monday, November 20th. This new DXP event will introduce DXP tokens, which can be gained by earning DXP spirits intermittently while skilling or by using proteans and dummies, then traded for stars, standard and elite skilling outfit pieces, and some items from Vic the Trader.

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