Black Desert tweaks gathering material drops and makes more guild juice for PC, unleashes the Bamboo Legion on mobile

All that's missing are PB&J sandwiches and graham crackers


When you’ve completed tasks for your guild in Black Desert, you just want to cool off and quench your thirst with a tall glass of guild juice (probably), but that wasn’t something that was available too often. That regrettable situation has since been improved in the latest PC patch, which now grants guilds of all sizes 10 stacks of three different buff-granting guild juice consumables for every guild mission that’s completed. So now guilds can more readily give their members juice boxes after a hard day of play to fully recreate that childhood experience.

Obviously there’s more to the update than just tasty juices. The patch has also made a variety of adjustments to gathering materials, with improved drop rates for the mysterious catalyst, replacement of junk materials from excavation nodes with mineral drops instead, an increase of special resource drops from lumbering, and a slightly ramped-up chance to find special moles when farming.

Gathering is also a focus of the MMORPG’s newest events, including a supreme alchemy tool for logging in, more alchemy materials and tools found by gathering in Finto Farm or defeating monsters, and even more mole spawns while farming for a limited time.

Meanwhile in Black Desert Mobile, four more tales for Land of the Morning Light have opened, new bosses including Changui and the Bamboo Legion are available to fight in the Black Shrine, new buildings can be manufactured for node and siege wars, and adjustments have been made to the tax wagon, camp UI, and specific item levels, among other general tweaks.

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