Final Fantasy XIV players report being banned on Xbox for advertising their free companies (guilds)

No, not a specific free company, just any free company


So how are things going with the Final Fantasy XIV version on Xbox Series X|S? Well, you would think that Microsoft had done enough to help shoot this particular version in the foot by adding a subscription fee to Game Pass on top of its existing subscription fee, but apparently not. It turns out that players are now being banned for advertising their free companies – i.e., guilds – to other potential players, something that is not just normal but accepted practice in the game.

As the thread makes clear, these are not bans coming from Square-Enix in any capacity, but bans from Microsoft for players using the official Xbox group-finding tool to advertise their free companies. So it’s not a case of Microsoft watching in-game chat and banning people for shouting in Ul’dah… which also makes this somehow even more ridiculous, prompting further discussion. In short, everything is going great for this console launch.

Source: Reddit (1, 2) via TheGamer
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