Tarisland’s latest class preview video is all about the bow-firing Ranger


Who has a bow, long pointy ears, and an otherwise wild animal as a domesticated combat companion somehow? It’s the Ranger of Tarisland, a wholly unique class that has never before been seen in the MMORPG world prior to now.

This classic archetypal hunting badass offers up all of the trademarks that one would expect, with pets, traps, and lots of ranged damage to dish out. Like other classes, it has two different trees, but both are wholly dedicated to ranged damage; one simply focuses on improved bow attacks while the other is about pets and traps. It might not be what one would call surprising, but it is in full display in video form below.

This latest preview appears to be part of a run-up to Tarisand’sofficial release,” though details about when that may be are about as clear as the game’s overall localization. We suspect more details and sneak peeks will be coming down the pike over the next few weeks.

source: YouTube
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