Final Fantasy XIV goes all-in with its Mountain Dew cross-promotion


Is there a word when something goes so far into cringe territory that it loops back around and becomes glorious? We need that word to describe Final Fantasy XIV’s Mountain Dew cross-promotion. Did you think it stopped at offering a greenish-yellow bird mount for players? Because it didn’t. The Mountain Zu – yes, it’s called the Mountain Zu – has lore about Hannish alchemists taming it and giving it a pleasing citrus scent.

You might think that’s silly, but it keeps going. There is a Mountain Dew representative, named Big Sippin, on the Hyperion server complete with hair and an outfit all in the appropriate colors. There is an “I DRANK DEW” t-shirt available for point redemption in the style of the trial boss t-shirts from conventions. You can also get cups and straws that were otherwise Japan-only, including ones styled after the Great Serpent of Ronka. It is all deeply silly, and it is going ridiculously hard on the silliness, although it is worth noting that you will not be able to redeem the Mountain Zu as a new mount prior to Dawntrail early access.

And if you’re worried about how much you’ll have to do (of the Dew) to get the rewards, it’s 100 points for the average bottle and 200 points for special promotional bottles; one fan has already done the math for you. Basically, it won’t take you much if you just want the mount, although it might be a bit if you want the mount and a cup and some experience-boosting items for what you’ve Mountain Done.

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