Summer Game Fest 2023: Throne & Liberty, Path of Exile 2, Black Desert, Wayfinder, Fae Farm

Shock elk.

We’re updating at the end of this post with all the big MMO news!

Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest arrives today, marking the closest thing to E3 we’re gonna get in the foreseeable future. We know of at least a couple of MMORPGs and MMO-adjacent titles with trailers to show at today’s event, including NCsoft’s Throne & Liberty (which has teased a teaser) and Wayfinder (which told Discord fans to expect a trailer but not details on founder’s packs and early access – “We’ll be making an announcement closer to the date when we feel we are comfortable and confident in our ability to deliver an Early Access experience that is a rock solid foundation for the future of Wayfinder,” Airship Syndicate wrote). A first look at Fortnite’s new Wilds season is also on deck.

Incidentally, if you’re planning to co-stream (or hoping we would), know that last winter’s Game Awards co-streams were taken out by copyright claims from NBC Universal thanks to the commercial for The Super Mario Bros. Movie played during the show because this truly is the dumbest timeline.

The show begins at 3 p.m. EDT this afternoon as this article goes live, and we’ll be updating with relevant-to-us bits after the cut.

Source: YouTube
Path of Exile 2
GGG released a teaser trailer for POE2. No deets, but more info still expected at ExileCon later this summer.

Nic Cage is awesome
OK, this has nothing to do with MMOs, but it was hilarious to see Nicholas Cage on stage pimping Dead by Daylight.
Throne & Liberty
As promised, Amazon and NCsoft dropped a new trailer for Throne & Liberty. Signups for the technical beta are underway as of this afternoon as well.

Warhaven released a new trailer too – this one’s the PvP team MMO from Nexon.

Baldur’s Gate 3
Baldur’s Gate 3 stays on our radar as it offers multiplayer co-op, so heads up for Larian Studios’ latest trailer.

Pocketpair’s Palworld actually got a trailer here – and a launch window. (I swear, we’re the only people who’s been watching this lol.) It’s coming to early access in January 2024.

Black Desert
Pearl Abyss posted a sweet trailer for Black Desert’s Land of the Morning Light expansion, which is itself coming next week. Not long to wait there.

“Featuring fearsome fangs and a spine-chilling roar, Imoogi, to be released after launch, is a new boss players will encounter in their journey through the Land of the Morning Light. Imoogi (which means ‘giant snake’ or ‘huge serpent’ in Korean mythology) can be challenged after players successfully defeat each of the other bosses that lurk in Land of the Morning Light. Imoogi’s story has varied across generations, but Korean legends say it is a gigantic serpent-like creature aspiring to become a full-fledged dragon.”

Fae Farm
Phoenix Labs hasn’t had the best year; not only did it suffer a serious round of layoffs it barely acknowledged, but it canceled several games, is starving Dauntless, and delayed Fae Farm. But fortunately, Fae Farm is still on the way, and it’s got a trailer at TGS. PL says it’s launching September 8th, 2023, on both Nintendo Switch and PC.

Marvel Snap
Second Dinner’s Ben Brode (yes, in his trademark flannel) took the stage to announce Marvel Snap’s “biggest update ever” launching next week with conquest mode.

As promised, Airship Syndicate released a trailer. No new info, as expected.

Epic Games rolled out a trailer for Fortnite’s next chapter, Wilds, which launches tomorrow.

And that’s a wrap. It’s a low bar, but they cleared it.

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