Police evacuate Ubisoft Montreal over what appears to have been a fake threat report

Nope, not letting this one go.
[We’re updating at the end; scroll down for the latest.]

According to Canadian news outlet Journal de Montreal (now verified by several other Canadian news agencies), the physical building where Ubisoft Montreal (among multiple companies) is housed is under some sort of hostage situation, a revelation that’s sending shockwaves across social media this afternoon.

Overhead helicopter footage from yet another Canadian outlet shows dozens of people milling around on the roof of the building (presumably for safety, as they appear to have barricaded themselves outside); Le Journal says there’s a “large security perimeter and several police officers in the area” with other staffers supposedly “barricaded in conference rooms.” However, Montreal police have not actually confirmed what’s going on, only confirmed the “ongoing police operation.” CBC reports “heavily armed officers” descending on the scene.

Ubisoft community rep Eric Pope has been tweeting about the situation, saying he’d been “on a call with folks at the office and they had to leave abruptly.” He also tweeted a photo from another news channel, saying, “This is my team on the roof.”


We’ll update as soon as we learn more.

Source: Le Journal de Montreal via Gamasutra, Twitter, Global News, CBC. Cheers, Kinya and Kiry.

CBC reports now that the situation “seems to be related to an armed robbery.” No injuries have been reported.

Pope’s tweet was apparently deleted, but here it is for reference.

Police say they’re evacuating the Ubisoft building but that “no threat has been identified for now.” It remains unclear what exactly is going on.

CBC is now openly calling the original call a hoax based on police reporting. It’s not yet clear who would do this or why (or whether we can call it a swatting attempt), but the good news is that everyone on the scene is safe.
Ubisoft has posted its statement thanking players and police for their support:

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