Brian Holinka is leaving World of Warcraft to join Greg Street at an unnamed studio

Oh no.

You may not immediately remember what Brian Holinka does at Blizzard for World of Warcraft, but if you’ve followed the game for any length of time, you’ll probably recognize the name. And it turns out he’s done a lot of things, from working on PvP design to taking on the role of lead combat designer in 2018 up until the present. That time is ending soon, however, as Holinka announced on Twitter that his last day with the studio is on Friday.

He’ll be moving to a new adventure with Greg Street, also known as Ghostcrawler, who very recently announced that his departure from Riot was leading to the formation of a new studio. We don’t yet know what the studio will be developing, although it seems notable that it has two big names from World of Warcraft in the lineup. Regardless, it’s a big shakeup to the leadership at WoW, although how much that will affect the game now and in the future remains to be seen.

Source: Twitter via Wowhead
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