The Wagadu Chronicles plans its third alpha test for March 13 with signups open now

What you gonna Wagadu?

It’s just about time for fans and testers alike to stop in with The Wagadu Chronicles to see what the game has been up to since its last major testing phase. The third alpha test for the game is planned to kick off on March 13th, and there’s already a Google survey for you to fill out if you’d like to take part in the next phase of testing. So that’s pretty fun!

Players will be under an NDA if they take part in the test, of course; they are also asked to provide some information about the characters they intend to make as well as their handle on the game’s official Discord server. So if you’re not in there… well, you’re probably not going to be in there testing. Sorry. Still, if this is a game you’re looking forward to with bated breath, it’s a chance to see how the sausage is getting made, so to speak.

Source: Twitter
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