ARK Survival Evolved’s Switch edition finally updates with 2017’s Ragnarok DLC


If you’ve been playing ARK: Survival Evolved on Switch all these years and been grumpy that you haven’t had access to Ragnarok, then your time has almost come.

Readers will recall that ARK originally launched for the Switch back in 2018 and was widely regarded as a weak port, so much so that Studio Wildcard completely rebuilt the game for the console and re-released it last year as the Ultimate Survivor Edition. Now, it’s getting Ragnarok, which was originally a fan-built map for the PC version, released in 2017 for PC. Today, it finally lands for modern Switch players as the first of the DLC finally making their way to the platform.

“Journey through an expansive 144 square kilometer environment where elements from various biomes combine to form a completely new ARK survival experience. From mountain peaks and active volcanoes to winding caverns and secluded forest regions, ARK players will find plenty of exciting new locations to build their perfect homebase. Ragnarok also introduces a host of new unique creatures to fight and tame include Dire Polar Bears, Ice Wyverns, and mystical Griffons. Ragnarok is the first of six free DLC updates slated for the Switch version of ARK.”

Here’s MOP’s MJ streaming Ragnarok way back in 2017!

Source: Press release
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