Valheim applies Mistlands fixes, introduces a fishing hat, and adds ballista targeting tweaks


At the tail end of January, one of the devs of Valheim teased an upcoming update to the Viking survival sandbox that was described as “fairly meaty.” Roughly two weeks later, the meat has been served as that patch has gone live today with all of the hinted-at tweaks and items in tow.

The new items teased are a new hat for fishers to craft and a hexagonal gate done in the Dvergr style for players to craft, while the Mistlands adjustments change dungeons and boss room entrances for the zone, balance various enemies, and stop mist torches from being primary targets for enemies. Another headlining feature of this patch gives players the ability to tell ballistas to focus on a specific target by using a trophy on it.

In addition, the new patch runs over a long list of bugs, improves networking, and fixes several problems with fishing. The patch notes grant all of the specifics; whether it’s fairly meaty or not is up for you to decide.

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