Star Trek Online is making changes to Pilot Bridge Officers for greater utility


So it might seem like piloting isn’t really much of a thing in Star Trek, since you just tell the person sitting at the conn station to lay in a course somewhere and then go back to yelling at your first officer/flirting with the cute alien/getting possessed by an alien mask. It is an element of Star Trek Online, but unfortunately Pilot Bridge Officer abilities have suffered from being… well… kind of weak and pointless. So they’re getting some pretty significant improvements across the board.

Many of the abilities have gotten general power boosts, but others like Reroute Reserves to Weapons and Deploy Countermeasures have gone through more extensive redesigns to create clearer benefits. Similarly, some of the redesigns are more experimental, like the changes to Reinforcements Squadron. Hopefully the changes will make Pilot officers a bit more worthwhile in their stations; check out the full rundown ahead of the changes happening this week.

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