ARK Survival Evolved’s survival edition upgrade goes live on Nintendo Switch without multiplayer (for now)

Like caw.

Yesterday was a big deal for Nintendo Switch owners who live survival sandboxes, dinosaurs, and the combination of the two. That’s because the Ultimate Survival Edition upgrade for the game went live for NA and EU fans yesterday, although it did so without multiplayer servers in tow. The devs at Studio Wildcard promise in a follow-up tweet that they’re working on getting a patch that adds multiplayer approved by Nintendo and that multiple boosted rate weekends are planned once the patch goes live.

The game’s latest newsletter notes some additional dates of import for the Switch version, including the worldwide release of Dino Discovery on November 10th and a release of all ARK Switch content to South America in late November followed by a Japanese release in January. The newsletter also has a returning player guide in case anyone on the Switch is coming back.

sources: Twitter (1, 2), official site
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