Post-apoc MMO shooter Ashfall boosts its visuals and adds two new game modes


Considering that we only recently became aware of Ashfall, NetEase and Legendary Star Studio’s upcoming post-apocalyptic shooter MMO, we haven’t really had that much time to become used to the way the game itself looks. That’s all for the best, as the studio’s already upgrading its environment visuals so that you can see all of the rust, decay, and trash in much sharper fidelity.

“Graphics-wise we’ve been out of the early stages of updating the graphics quality of PC version, mainly adding more details to guarantee visual richness for bigger screens,” the developers reported.

Better visuals aren’t the only fruit of the dev team’s recent labors; Ashfall’s also added two new modes called Secret Realm (PvE) and No Man’s Land (PvP), appearances by the Men in Black, lots of voiced quest-givers, random encounters, guild bases, and tons and tons of dust. Huh, we probably shouldn’t have ended with that last thing.

Source: Ashfall
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