Ashfall delays release to summer 2024, promises multiple beta tests beforehand

As the self-described "adventure shooter MMORPG" Ashfall moves closer to its first closed beta test in July, developer Legendary Studios has had to follow...

Post-apocalyptic MMO shooter Ashfall opens registrations for July’s closed beta

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Ashfall provides a brief peek at its crafting system and some of the high-level items players can make

The NetEase post-apoc MMO shooter Ashfall is back once more with another quickie dev blog that's all about crafting. Or at least a short...

Post-apoc shooter MMO Ashfall targets a 15 day-long open beta window for the second quarter

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MMO shooter Ashfall previews companions, boss weaknesses, and base decorating

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NetEase’s ‘adventure shooter MMORPG’ Ashfall offers a look at some puzzles players can solve

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Post-apoc MMO shooter Ashfall boosts its visuals and adds two new game modes

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Ashfall is a post-apoc ‘adventure shooter MMORPG’ from NetEase arriving to PC and mobile devices in 2023

This year's Tokyo Game Show is host to plenty of different games across the broad spectrum of gamer interest and sub-genres, and that's where...

AdventureQuest 3D opens Ashfall, nears 1M registered players

Vowing to get the new update out today "no matter what," AdventureQuest 3D's devs pushed its Ashfall patch live. This marks the game's "first...