Ashfall provides a brief peek at its crafting system and some of the high-level items players can make


The NetEase post-apoc MMO shooter Ashfall is back once more with another quickie dev blog that’s all about crafting. Or at least a short synopsis that briefs gamers on what crafting it is and some of the higher level items the system can make. Also it has animated gifs. Kids love those, right?

The so-called Life Skills of Ashfall let players gather all kinds of materials from the wasteland and bring them back to Nüwa crafting stations scattered throughout towns to craft items. Items that can be made with these skills include mundane items like food, ammo, and medicine, all the way to much fancier things like an auto-sentry turret, a healing pylon thing, and a drone that hunts hostile targets that may get upgrades to armament like missiles or electricity.

The post promises these three high-end goodies are the tip of the iceberg, with “more cool, high-class, and powerful versions” of such deployables coming down the line. In the meantime, there’s a summary look at what crafting is capable of available now before the game heads for its projected April open beta.

source: TapTap
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