Star Wars: The Old Republic previews next month’s ‘short story’ update, gives out free decorations


Following the anemic content offerings and reception of this past spring’s Legacy of the Sith, Star Wars: The Old Republic is under a lot of pressure to ensure Update 7.1 shores up the expansion’s weak spots and keeps the playerbase engaged.

On its livestream yesterday, BioWare gave fans a glimpse into Update 7.1, which is coming on August 2nd. The drop includes a new Manaan daily area, story additions in “Digging Deeper,” the R-4 Anomaly eight-player operation, visual improvements to the UI, better gear acquisition, and new Nightlife event. Some fans rejoiced to learn that the studio is reverting the largely loathed class symbols back to their pre-7.0 versions.

“Digging Deeper is a short story update where players will uncover clues following Malgus’ attack on Darth Nul’s temple, as well as the fate of Sa’har Kateen, the Jedi Padawan he dueled in the ancient ruins of Elom,” the studio said.

The studio also announced that all players can use the code LOTSMALGUS on their accounts to claim a free Darth Malgus stronghold decoration. This code needs to be used before August 8th, however.

Past 7.1, BioWare mentioned that Update 7.2 will contain the long-in-coming PvP revamp.

Source: YouTube, Twitter
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