Ashfall delays release to summer 2024, promises multiple beta tests beforehand


As the self-described “adventure shooter MMORPG” Ashfall moves closer to its first closed beta test in July, developer Legendary Studios has had to follow up that good news with some bad news: The game’s full release is going to be pushed back by a full year.

The game’s release is now aiming for a summer 2024 target, with the intervening months being used to polish and refine the game. This also means that there will be “several” beta tests offered up for players to get their hands on the shooter and provide their feedback.

“We know this news may be disappointing, but please know that the Ashfall development team is working tirelessly to make the game worth the wait,” the announcement promises.

Meanwhile, the studio has offered up a look behind the creation of its score, which is being handled by none other than composer Hans Zimmer. Naturally, this video discusses the creation of the game’s music, but it also provides a little taste of some of that music as well, so the video is certainly worth a listen if you like MMO music as much as we do.

sources: Twitter, YouTube
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