Blizzard to WoW testers: Class orders will not be like garrison missions


If you’ve paid any attention to World of Warcraft during its present expansion cycle, you are probably aware that Garrisons have not exactly been warmly beloved as an addition to the game. Now that the next expansion is in testing and class order halls are in place in their earliest incarnation, some players are already calling it the return of the Garrison mission table, a claim which was addressed by the developers with a resounding, “no.”

The core difference, as explained by the post, is that the actual world didn’t contain enough content, thus leading to players having no reason not to just sit in the garrison and wait. Legion is offering players a variety of other things to do and reasons to do open-world content aside from resources for class order halls, which should lead to a different dynamic. Feedback on the setup of the hall is, of course, welcomed by the development team; it’s just a bit too early to be calling doom at this juncture.

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