The Infinite Black plans jump from mobile to Steam


If you’ve ever perused lists or searches of MMOs on mobile platforms, you might have run across a sci-fi title with the intriguing name of The Infinite Black. This single-shard universe hosts thousands of players exploring, forming alliances, and fighting — all of the things you’d expect in a space sim.

While The Infinite Black has been an exclusively mobile game to date, that’s about to change. The game is preparing to make the jump from mobile to Steam in the imminent future. It is not live as of yet, although you can keep tabs on the Steam page to see when this will change.

“Everything is done and ready to go!” the studio posted. “We’ve submitted the final build to Steam for approval. It can take one to five days for them to approve, but will launch immediately once that happens. We expect an influx of hundreds or thousands of new players. Please try your best to not murder them in the crib!”

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