Prosperous Universe wraps up first alpha test after 100 weeks of development


With nearly two years under the small indie team’s belt, Prosperous Universe successfully survived the launch and reentry of its first alpha test.

“We are still quite surprised by how well the overall system performed,” the team reported. “To be honest, we expected for things to fall apart rather quickly, with people discovering major game-breaking problems or blocking bugs that would keep players from accessing the game. Except for one such bug, everything went surprisingly smoothly, though […] This unexpected lack of major problems meant that people could actually play the game the way it was intended to.”

As the Prosperous Universe team prepares for another test in the future, there’s a lot to do in the here and now. The crew said that its members are busy incorporating feedback from the first alpha, redesigning the production interface, and improving the starter base building experience.

Prosperous Universe arrived on our radar earlier this month, and we found ourselves impressed by the ambition of this economic space sim. In the game, players guide a small company as it makes its own way out into the galaxy.

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