Dungeons and Dragons Online: Mists of Ravenloft opens pre-orders, aims for December release

The, ahem, bloodiest MMO expansion of 2017 is finally available to pre-purchase. Dungeons and Dragons Online opened up pre-orders today for Mists of Ravenloft, allowing players to secure some extras for their gameplay right now while reserving a copy of the expansion for day one of launch.

As with Lord of the Rings Online: Mordor earlier this year, Mists of Ravenloft’s expansion bundles range from $40 (for a basic edition) to $130 (the “ultimate fan bundle”). It should be noted that all editions include both the expansion and the new Aasimar race, but the Vistani Knife Fighter talent line is limited to the $80 and $130 packages. If players elect to purchase the expansion or the new race with store points, they’ll have to wait until that option becomes available in March 2018.

Speaking of dates, Standing Stone Games says that it is aiming for a release date of December 5th, although the studio is allowing for up to a month of potential delay, meaning that there is a chance that the expansion will slip into 2018.

The expansion includes sentient weapons to level, a dozen new dungeon quests, a raid, a wilderness area, and two public areas. “Dungeons and Dragons Online: Mists of Ravenloft expansion will immerse you in one of the most infamous D&D adventure settings,” the studio said. “Save the people of Barovia, slay Strahd, and restore balance to the land. The stakes have never been higher!”

Source: Pre-order, FAQ. Thanks Wakkander and DDOCentral!
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We have a 100+ active member guild that’s always bristling with ACTIVITY… yes JUST like the Old Days.

$40 gets you the content, and it’s a great deal with the race. Higher priced packages are optional but a great way to support SSG so it can continue to develope content for the best D&D PC game on the market. It may be old but its DEEPER, and more engrossing than most of today’s mindless formula MMOs when played with like minds.

We are VERY EXCITED about Ravenloft… join a guild that PROUDLY still LOVES to play DDO! Thinking of joining? Read our guild rules and apply here!! http://tyrspaladium.shivtr.com/

— LeslieWest_GuitarGod. Tyrs Co Founder, along with the lovely Paks

Viktor Budusov

Tell SSG there are other numbers existed, other than 40-80-130

Bryan Turner

Is that image a subliminal message because that guy looks like he’s brandishing a Credit Card like it’s no big deal like “Hey I’m the most interesting man in the world and I just bought the $130 package, be suave like me nerds”.

roo woods

Way too high a price for an older game .

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Jack Pipsam

They gave the advertised race with the base expansion? Gee that’s generous for SSG!
But naturally not a character slot, wouldn’t want to get too extreme now huh?

Bryan Turner

But not the class which is a shady move “but the Vistani Knife Fighter talent line is limited to the $80 and $130 packages.”

Coldin Torrence

It’s a bit pricy without knowing quite how much content is actually there. The mid-tier price also feels sorta useless since you get just a heroic hireling and not the much more useful legendary hireling.

(Personally, I still want a level 30 version of the panther that came out with Forgotten Realms)

Fan version feels like TOO much considering I wouldn’t use any of the included cosmetics.


I was looking forward to this until it was revealed the ultimate fan bundle offers less worthwhile stuff than the $50 Shadowfell Conspiracy collectors bundle they put out. This is quite the cash grab and sadly it didn’t even need to be. It isn’t like there is a limit on the digital goods they could add.

It slipped from going to buy one of the upper tiers, to I’ll wait until march for me. Nothing in the ultimate pack justifies the $130 price tag, nor does the mid-tier justify the $80 price tag, or even the base tier justify the $40 price tag.

For reference, here is everything that came in the shadowfell conspiracy packs: http://ddowiki.com/page/Shadowfell_Conspiracy


I don’t understand why Standing Stone Games is setting such a high price point on these packages, for a game that is almost 10 years old, with a dwindling playerbase. DDO is a very fun game, it has some of the best quest design on the market today, but the engine is aging and the graphics are very outdated.


If I had to guess…


I am not sure this is the final package setup, hopefully not. I won’t be buying at this point, will wait for a sale and buy with ddo points. If they keep this set I don’t think it will sell well.

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While I’ve been waiting for this expansion, I’ll probably just get the base pack. I just don’t see enough in any of the other packages to justify the price (and in my opinion, no digital-only package short of a lifetime membership would be worth what they’re charging for the top tier).