Casual space sandbox CSC aka Crypto Space Commander launches on Steam with a dash of Star Trek

Boldly going where at least one MMO has gone before


If you yearn for the stars yet are put off by the complexity and coldness of games like Star Citizen and EVE Online, you may want to check out Lucid Sight’s CSC. The space sandbox just launched on Steam as a free-to-play title this week, and it’s bursting with personality and casual charm.

“The unique feature of this game is that it offers the best of both worlds to all gamers,” the studio explained. “Players can get into CSC quickly and battle, explore and run missions in minutes, not hours. At the same time, dedicated MMO enthusiasts can dig deep into an ever-expanding universe and a rich player economy that rewards game time with real-money value in-game items.”

CSC (which stands for Crypto Space Commander) is also notable for running crossover events with Star Trek: Picard and Star Trek: Discovery this summer and fall. It’s very odd that this can exist alongside the established Star Trek Online, but that’s why we wake up: for odd news.

The game currently boasts 50 star systems but promises hundreds of more to come.

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