Spellbreak trades battle royale’s shooting for spellcasting as it officially launches


As we mentioned earlier this week, the battle royale sub-genre has a fresh arrival in the form of Spellbreak, a game where the shooting of guns is replaced with the slinging of spells. Players take up the mantle of a battle mage and can equip two different magical gauntlets, with each one combining to create unique spell attacks like fiery tornadoes, electrified gas clouds, and fiery boulders. Otherwise, the battle royale game beats all sound like they’re represented, with additional chests hiding around the map that contain runes and equipment, granting players the ability to fly, teleport, control time, or turn invisible, and players fighting to be the last battle mage standing.

Developer Proletariat has offered full cross-platform cross-play, as well as cross-progression featuers that let players bring their advancement and customization to any supported platform once they create a game account. The devs are also promising plenty of things to look forward to in the future like new game modes and new chapter updates that will reveal more of the lore behind the Hollow Lands and its people.

For those interested in trying the game out, it’s free to play on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via the Epic Games Store.

source: press release

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Ben Stone

I found it a lot more fun than other BRs I have tried. The theme is great and it all comes together really nicely and seems pretty well balanced. It has been doing pretty well in the reviews too.

Sure it isn’t amazingly innovative or groundbreaking, but there’s some nice unique things in the game, like being limited to two magic types at once time, and the interesting interactions between the spells. Cast cyclone on a fire wall and you get a fire cyclone etc. Utility spells also spice it up, flight is a lot of fun. I think this might do quite well for itself.

Bruno Brito

I find it amusing how companies love to spend the effort of their top tier developers into conceptualization and game design into a genre that rewards almost no loyalty from their playerbase whatsoever.

Imagine designing that awesome mage concept and then it becomes a shallow BR with matches instead of a long-lasting RPG or something.

Michael Fuchs

Game is pretty fun from what I’ve played so far. I enjoy that you pick your mage class and level it up between matches, changing which passives and such you have access to. The idea of having one set of skills you’re locked into, but then can loot another classes spells to combine them is fun as well. Also, finally something other than guns.

Dug From The Earth

I think the thing I hate most about the BR genre is how little innovation each new game brings to it.

This is basically swapping the building mechanic from Fortnite with the magical hover/flying ability of this game. “Spellcasting” is just a thematic twist put on how you shoot the enemies.

Loot is still done the same as most other BRs, as is the ever shrinking wall of DOOOM.

If you have played any BR for a handful of hours, then you arent really missing anything by not playing this one.

All these games just feel like a low commitment entry into a high popularity trend.