Starbase gives players unparalleled access to precise and glorious destruction


The announcement of space sandbox Starbase and its infinitely buildable and destructible universe has our attention this week. In the dev team’s first feature video, focus was given to the latter element, especially in light of how voxels can make for a lot of precise destruction in ways that feel more natural than scripted.

“We believe that you deserve to not only be able to see the things you’ve created in detail,” said developer Frozenbyte Games, “but also the destruction you’ve caused.”

Starbase’s use of hybrid vertex and voxel tech will allow players to damage things in precise ways and then view the ensuing mess in detail. From the type of weapon used (both handheld and mounted on starships) to the angle of the hit, the world will accurately reflect the action. Objects can even get fractured into many pieces, which gets pretty exciting when you think about how starships can get cut, blown, and shot up. Pieces left afterward aren’t just for visual enjoyment, as players can salvage parts for their own projects. Then there’s the building tool, which allows for reconstruction after the mess is made.

Check out the developers having way, way too much fun blowing up their own creations after the break!

Source: YouTube
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