Infinity: Battlescape has nearly reached its Kickstarter goal


Space sim Infinity: Battlescape has three days left on its Kickstarter, so you may want to consider chipping in if you’ve got a hankering for seamless interplanetary warfare, orbital bombardments, and space battles featuring hundreds of players. Infinity also boasts Newtonian physics and a flight model that makes each planet’s atmosphere “a unique experience based on drag, thrust-to-weight ratio, atmospheric density, gravity, and turbulence.” The game also offers modding support, with an example of such shown in the video after the cut.

As of press time, I-Novae’s project has raised almost $277,000 out of its $300,000 goal, with just under 4,700 backers making it happen. The devs have updated the Kickstarter reward tiers with additional perks at the $100, $150, and $500 level.

Source: Update; thanks Kinya!
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