Blade & Soul dedicates a week to highlighting the Force Master

I want to like you a lot.

The combat in Blade & Soul centers around mixing it up with martial arts, but the Force Master is the class that recognizes how much more easily you can win a fight by never getting close enough for your opponent to land a punch. It’s all ranged combat all the time with the Force Master, and as with the previous class weeks, the official site is showing off just what the Force Master is capable of doing.

If video is more your thing, you can jump down below to see the fire and ice in action. If you’d prefer to just read about it, check out the class overview page and learn about the combos that a skilled master of forces can unleash. In either case, you have to admit that it makes sense to win a fight by staying out of range forever. (Unless your opponent is also a Force Master; then you’re just making it tedious.

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