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Big slice.

MMO Week in Review: Everything Endwalker

This week, MOP's own Final Fantasy XIV expert Eliot Lefebvre got his hands on Endwalker as part of the massive media tour that wallopped...

MMO Week in Review: New World’s planned transfer system isn’t ideal

New World made it through its second week: It implemented detection for "bad-faith AFK players," it saw its queues come way down, and it...

MMO Week in Review: New World reaches 913K concurrent players and queuers

New World has dominated the MMORPG headlines - and really all gaming headlines - this week as Amazon's new AAA MMO finally launched around...
Because we are no longer friends.

MMO Week in Review: New World approaches, Blizzard faces the feds

This week in MMOs, the feds opened investigations into Activision-Blizzard, we tested out Guild Wars 2's second batch of End of Dragons elite specs,...
This was kind of neat, at least.

MMO Week in Review: Elder Scrolls, End of Dragons, and Endwalker

Guild Wars 2 continued its rollout of major End of Dragons reveals this past week, including three new elite specs as we head into...

MMO Week in Review: Elyon’s delay, Crowfall’s layoffs, New World’s beta

We got a bit of bad news this week from two fledgling MMOs: Crowfall suffered a round of layoffs that the studio has attempted...

MMO Week in Review: Lost Ark’s delay, WoW’s carrot on a stick

This week, Lost Ark delayed its launch into next year, freeing up your MMO autumn for the likes of New World of Final Fantasy...

MMO Week in Review: WoW is a day late and a dollar short

I remember remarking a few years back during the Daybreak Columbus Nova fiasco that I was genuinely astonished to realize that MMO studio reps...
Well, this blows.

MMO Week in Review: World of Warships’ blunder, Elyon’s beta

Has World of Warships ever made it into the MMO Week in Review before? We don't think so, not even that time when Steven...
Let's do the life thing again.

MMO Week in Review: Astellia Online gives up, Guild Wars 2 gets classy

Classy as in elite specs, that is. Yes, Guild Wars 2 fully revealed its first three End of Dragons elite specs this week, making...
Are we good now? Do you love us yet?

MMO Week in Review: New World’s delay, Bless Unleashed’s launch, Blizzard’s dumpster fire

Doesn't it feel as if J. Allen Brack stepping down as head of Blizzard was a long time ago? But it was only Tuesday,...

MMO Week in Review: End of Dragons and the Blizzard walkout

Activision-Blizzard's sexism scandal continued ramping up this week, as Bobby Kotick issued a letter reassuring stockholders while staffers condemned the corporate response, staging a...

MMO Week in Review: RIP to the Blizzard you thought you knew

It probably shouldn't surprise anyone that a video game company long-maligned and even boycotted over everything from political censorship and mass-layoffs to labor abuses...

MMO Week in Review: Elyria, Camelot, and Crowfall shenanigans

'Twas the battle of the crowdfunded MMOs this week, and not really the good kind, as it all comes down to transparency one way...

MMO Week in Review: The week when we got two new launched MMORPGs

I joked on Twitter that it's not every week when we get to graduate a Kickstarter MMORPG to launch, but it's also not every...

MMO Week in Review: Delay of Dragons

Any other week, the news that Magic Legends is closing down and laying off the team before it launches, SWTOR is getting a Christmas...

MMO Week in Review: Aion Classic is a harsh reminder about monetization and modern nostalgia servers

Aion Classic raised all the eyebrows this week when it launched with a subscription with what is arguably an economic pay-to-win feature baked right...

MMO Week in Review: WoW’s Chains of Domination and Black Desert’s Corsair

Topping off the MMORPG headlines this week was the news that World of Warcraft has finally picked a date for patch 9.1, Chains of...

MMO Week in Review: MMOs are back

I don't know about you folks, but I feel as if I'm barely treading water when it comes to keeping up with all the...

MMO Week in Review: Burning Crusade, Blackwood, Prisms, and Crowfall

One of my favorite "problems" is when we have a week so packed with big MMORPG news that I can't decide what to feature...