Black Desert just overhauled its gear enhancement system with a major QOL addition, the Ancient Anvil


Black Desert is continuing to bolster its gearing enhancement system, this week with the new Ancient Anvil upgrade live today, meant to improve players’ quality-of-life by taking the sting out of enhancement failures.

“When Adventurers fail to enhance their gear, the new system determines that when the number of accumulated essences (the ‘Agris Essence’) reaches a specified number, the Ancient Anvil will activate to grant players successful enhancement,” Pearl Abyss explains.

“The essence will individually stack for each item. Weapons and armor will share the number of essences as long as they are in the same group with the same enhancement level. For example, essence gathered by attempting a TET Blackstar Greatsword can be applied to another Blackstar weapon of the same enhancement level, such as a TET Blackstar Crossbow. With accessories, the number of essences will be specific to each item. For instance, essences earned from Deboreka Necklace cannot be shared with any other group of accessories or other accessory parts of the same group.”

Players will want to take a look at the full patch notes, which include a full rundown of equipment across the game and their maximum storable Agris Essences as applied to the anvil. There are a few other changes of note too, including stronger penalties for forced PvP to reduce griefing.

Source: Official site, press release
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