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MMO Week in Review: Calling a Truce

It was a surprisingly huge week for MMORPGs, even setting aside the fact that WoW Shadowlands launches tomorrowday. Guild Wars 2 released...

MMO Week in Review: Next-gen is now-gen

The Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 systems launched this week, which meant that a lot of companies who weren't launching games along with...

MMO Week in Review: Marching to Markarth

If the last couple of years have taught us anything, it's to appreciate a low-key week when everything was fine and nothing was actively...

MMO Week in Review: WoW Shadowlands repositions for launch

This week in MMOs, we learned that Guild Wars 2's Steam launch and Path of Exile's next league would be delayed, which...

MMO Week in Review: No, LOTRO’s War of Three Peaks is not an ‘expansion’

This week, we took a first deep-dive into Torchlight III (we found it cheerfully "adequate"!) and struggled to puzzle out just why Standing...
Swing and a hit, but also a miss.

MMO Week in Review: Squishy squish squish

World of Warcraft's Shadowlands pre-patch launched successfully this week, with some squishing and some bugs and some downtime and some meandering through...

MMO Week in Review: Crucible is canceled

Good news, junior high students everywhere: The Crucible is canceled! Nobody even likes that play. It's boring and sanctimonious and tedious - good...
This is really what you're going with, huh.

MMO Week in Review: Shadowlands postponed

World of Warcraft's Shadowlands delay - to later in 2020 - was by far the biggest news of the week, all but...

MMO Week in Review: The week Bethesda got bought

Welp, it definitely wasn't a boring week over here in the world of online games. It all kicked off on Monday, when Microsoft...

MMO Week in Review: Final Fantasy XVI’s sweet sixteen

Square-Enix raised eyebrows this week with the announcement of Final Fantasy XVI - and the revelation that FFXIV's Naoki Yoshida will be attempting...

MMO Week in Review: A Heist, a security breach, and a whole New World

The week before Labor Day is always a weird one between conventions and bonus events, and this week was no different in spite of...

MMO Week in Review: EVE Echoes, Epic Games, and Reflections in Crystal

Well, at least this week wasn't boring! While gaming headlines were dominated by the emerging Epic Games lawsuits against Apple and Google...
In a world of human wreckage.

MMO Week in Review: Blizzard revenues are up, but morale is sunk

Activision-Blizzard (shareholders) had some good news this week, as its Q2 2020 revenues actually improved year-over-year for the first time in six quarters,...

MMO Week in Review: Guild Wars 2’s Jormag Rising has arisen

This week in the world of MMORPGs, Guild Wars 2's latest episode, Jormag Rising, rolled out to hungry players, albeit without voice...

MMO Week in Review: ‘Well, I’m back,’ LOTRO said

Lord of the Rings Online dominated headlines this week thanks to a week and a half of outages with feeble communication indeed....

MMO Week in Review: One does not simply log into LOTRO

I mean you can try, but you can't actually do it right now. It's calling you like the ring calls Boromir, but you're Gimli...

MMO Week in Review: WoW opens the gates for Shadowlands beta testing

So that sure was another week in MMOs! World of Warcraft stole the show with its big reveal for Shadowlands and the...

MMO Week in Review: A house divided, a wedding, a do-over, and a TV show

It was a hodge-podge week for MMOs, yet one without a dull moment: Epic Games reneged on its promise to release Conan Exiles...

MMO Week in Review: Mixer calls it quits

It was a depressing week for online gaming and the extended community: Mixer folded, setting free everyone on the platform, plus a wave of...

MMO Week in Review: A new Star Wars online multiplayer experience

This week in the world of MMOs, we cheered for Star Wars Squadrons' multiplayer, welcomed Path of Exile's Harvest League, got a...