Grand Theft Auto Online hikes its optional monthly subscription fee GTA+ by two bucks


Stealing cars, gunrunning, and building a criminal empire in Grand Theft Auto Online is about to become more expensive.

Starting on June 11th for existing subs (and immediately for new accounts), Rockstar will increase the subscription price for GTA+ from $5.99 (€5.99) a month to $7.99 (€7.99). This marks the first time that the studio jacked up the sub price since debuting it two years ago.

The GTA+ sub pays out in monthly rewards such as currency, vehicle upgrades, exclusive locations, and access to other Rockstar titles like Red Dead Redemption and other Grand Theft Auto games. The small silver lining to this is that Rockstar’s giving an extra $1M in-game currency to each sub per month from April through August.

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