Myth of Empires plans a new region-locked Jade Era server set for North America and Europe


Survival MMO Myth of Empires is entering its Jade era – that is, it’s launching a ton of new localized North American and European servers under the Jade Era server group name.

“The Jade Era server group is exclusively for North American and European players; players from other regions will not be able to enter,” Angela Game’s T’ien-Kung Studio explains. “These servers are not connected to other servers, and travel is only possible among the counties of this new group.”

“The Jade Era server group includes 6 prefectures, which will opened gradually as needed starting on April 19. Unlike the prefectures on other server groups, these prefectures consist of 8 counties, a change aimed at drawing in more Prefects. In addition, players will not be able to trade Copper Coins using the Wallet item on Jade Era servers, and the number of Copper Coins that players can loot off the corpses of NPCs is limited to 50,000 per day.”

MOE officially launched on Steam back in February; we found the early game entertaining and beautiful, though combat was on the stiff side and it leans hard into survival territory. The game has actually managed to hold its population for the last several months; it’s still clocking in around 34,000 peak on Steam, with an average around 25,000.

Source: Steam, press release
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