MMOARG Orna celebrates Earth Day with Terra’s Day event


While other MMOARG companies might be disappointing us with this year’s handling of Earth Day events, Orna’s Northern Forge is giving us a great reminder of how indies get it done. Joining up with the Green Game Jam, both Orna and non-location based Hero of Aethric are planning a full eight-day long event called Terra’s Day starting on April 22nd, as well as a charity Earth Day bundle for purchase, with 20% of the proceeds going to benefit Earth Day Canada.

During the event, players will meet Gi, an NPC from the pollution-destroyed planet Terra, who will educate them on pollution and “super food production.” Players will be transported to 50 capital cities around the (real?) world where they can help others in Great Murk raids, which symbolize the global fight to “combat” environmental challenges. Players will gain Elm Essences, which can be planted and turned into trees bearing Gaia Apples, specifically to feed other players, though the planter will be rewarded with some fruit as well.

It’s very much a cooperative event, but Orna is pretty good at permitting alone-together gameplay, so everyone should be able to enjoy the Earth Day content.

Source: Northern Forge Press Release
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