Order of the Elements is a new old-school MMO hoping to launch on Steam in 2025


Howasabout another upcoming MMO to watch on Steam? Order of the Elements is stepping up to be just that MMO. Developer TigerRoll has the game flagged under both single-player and MMO but describes the game as an “oldschool, skilling-based, indie MMORPG” and “a passionate enthusiast[‘]s attempt to return to the basics of what makes an MMO fun” – by which he means that it offers “challenging gameplay and meaningful progression without loot boxes, micro transactions” or pay-to-win shenanigans. Instead, the game will attempt to fund using a buy-to-play model with an optional “support subscription.”

“You take on the form of a young new adventurer, born to the sect or the dominion, to grow and explore the wonders of the world under six elements,” the team warns. “Gather, craft, and fight your way to power, fortune and glory. But be warned, for death is an unforgiving master.”

The game is clearly in early stages based on the October dev video (tucked down below), while the Discord makes it clear it’s been in the works since at least 2019 (there are tons of updates going all the way back). The release date according to Steam is a vague 2025. We also note a Patreon page, meaning this one can slot into the crowdfunding category.

Source: Steam, official site, Discord. Cheers, Mark!
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