Aion spins out Mark of the Vandal on August 21 with a new class, zone, and dungeon for the US version


Over there, in Aion! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… actually, it’s the Vandal, the new class being added with the appropriately dubbed Mark of the Vandal update for the North American servers on August 21st. The Vandal looks like neither a bird nor a plane; it does, however, serve as a ranged class wielding a pair of Chromablasters, which apparently turn you into Sexy K-Pop Splatoon if the trailers are anything to go by. It’s definitely a distinct look for the game’s lineup.

The update also features the new Demaha zone, shared between both factions as Stellin Industries enforces a peace between both Asmodians and Elyos within its seat of power. Players will also take on the new Stellin Development Lab and acquire the new and more potent tier 2 gear. It’s definitely similar (if not identical) to the European update from late July, although several of the localization choices appear to be different. “Vandal” is probably the cooler class name, though.

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Hydlide S

I was actually looking forward to this. I’m sure I’ll put a few hours into it.

Denice J. Cook

Considering that NCsoft is still in current negotiations with Titan Network, Pardini and the Homecoming team to officially bless their CoX private servers, I shall, in good faith, download this sucker tonight. To think…after all these years…

This new class looks fun! Let’s hope the new accelerated leveling curve with its concurrent shearing away of many of Aion’s original lower-level zones (presumably to launch players into that P2W cash shop end game all the faster) doesn’t rip my heart out too badly.

Castagere Shaikura

Man, I love that this old school MMO is still alive. Might have to log in to see all those changes I heard about. Glad I never had a max level character so it should be easier for me.


so many things to do for 3 biscuits. i think ill fell like a prostitute if im starting to do that.